Women's Health

Women have unique health issues, and should see their primary care doctor or gynecologist regularly. Unique issues include reproductive health and conditions of the female organs.

This website reports on how well primary care doctors' offices provide clinical care services for women including breast and cervical cancer screenings and screening for chlamydia, which if left undiagnosed or untreated can cause serious health problems for women. The links below can help you understand how you and your doctor can work together to make sure you get important screenings at the right time and frequency to keep you healthy.

This site also provides access to tools like the Massachusetts Statewide Perinatal Guidelines, which help doctors provide high quality routine perinatal care based on national evidenced-based standards. These same guidelines can help moms-to-be understand what to expect for their perinatal care, and what questions to ask or conversations to have with their doctor about having a healthy pregnancy.

For more on getting the best women's health care, follow the links below to find more information on some important women's health topics.